The Girl

Judge me not for I too have caused harm. Once upon a love, I too played by the rules and hushed out truths Of a broken vein life, paddling my way through the teardrops storm. Promises, made to be broken someday. Is a raw reality... So I flipped a page or two in search of [...]


Renting outside the box

I'm just but a brave coward. Holding on to seem less thread lines. My mind a flurry of ideas mostly out of this world, after all I'm not of this world. So I let the mist fog up the reflection that's to true to accept !! ( I couldn't get any sleep so I decided [...]

Day 75

......I get the whole "your beautiful on the inside" comment, that's mostly interpreted to mean that your not that attractive. As much as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nobody gives you the right to be derisive about what others look or don't look like. If I'm not your cup of tea, just [...]

Day 70

Online applications! Why do they ask for so much information? Is all that info really relevant or are they just being too nosy one more time. I was filling in some application forms today and they demanded to know way more than they should, info that's completely  irrelevant to what the application forms were for [...]

Day 68

Friday the 13th To be quite honest I have no recollection of any friday the 13th chaotic event in my life. So I won't be holding my breath on this. I will only speak for myself though. Is it just superstition or is there something genuinely off about this day ? Nevertheless I hope you [...]