The Girl

Judge me not for I too have caused harm. Once upon a love, I too played by the rules and hushed out truths Of a broken vein life, paddling my way through the teardrops storm. Promises, made to be broken someday. Is a raw reality... So I flipped a page or two in search of [...]


Who am I kidding

I tried really hard... okay not that hard... Took time off thinking I could get my mind of  off blogging. Turns out though that I fell in love with it and I just can't help but think about writing, so to easy my mind. Here I am again typing my thoughts away and enjoying the [...]

Finale ( Day 80)

Putting this to a rest now. I've kept this up for a while but now feel like the time has finally come to pull the plug on it. I'd been planning to start blogging for like ever and I'm glad I did. Now the tides have changed and so have I. Blogging has definitely grown [...]

Day 75

......I get the whole "your beautiful on the inside" comment, that's mostly interpreted to mean that your not that attractive. As much as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nobody gives you the right to be derisive about what others look or don't look like. If I'm not your cup of tea, just [...]

Day 65

Hmmmm.... After pounding my mind for several hours on end I still have nothing well thought out. Yeah so I sort of violated my not over thinking this policy when it comes to my blog. Truth be told I think I'm better off sticking to the original plan. Since it's plenty of hours later ( [...]