The Girl

Judge me not for I too have caused harm. Once upon a love, I too played by the rules and hushed out truths Of a broken vein life, paddling my way through the teardrops storm. Promises, made to be broken someday. Is a raw reality... So I flipped a page or two in search of [...]


Finale ( Day 80)

Putting this to a rest now. I've kept this up for a while but now feel like the time has finally come to pull the plug on it. I'd been planning to start blogging for like ever and I'm glad I did. Now the tides have changed and so have I. Blogging has definitely grown [...]

Wrong number (day 79)

I get this random text from a number I don't know .... So I'm just like "sorry wrong number ". You'd think it would end there but no .... He insists that I'm the whoever his looking is for, despite me telling him no repeatedly Then he results to name calling...smh I don't get it [...]

Day 74

Do you mind! Tell me again why you are busy craning your neck into my business. You known those types of people that sit next to you and make it a purpose in life to take peaks at your phone or computer as you busy minding your business. Then they mostly act dumb when you [...]

Day 70

Online applications! Why do they ask for so much information? Is all that info really relevant or are they just being too nosy one more time. I was filling in some application forms today and they demanded to know way more than they should, info that's completely  irrelevant to what the application forms were for [...]