Violent Blues

Tick-tock the clock is dead. Sailing through the echoed emptiness Of plucked away pegs. He loves me, She loves me not... Dashed away thoughts, Lying was part of the deal.


Blogger Appreciation Award

First, I want to say a big thank you to Annie for nominating me for the Blogger Appreciation Award. I'm very humble and honoured. Do check out her blog it's really interesting and enlightening. Rules: Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site. Write a paragraph about something positive yourself [...]


It's finally here and I have no words to explain how much I love christmas. It's a must ritual for me to count down to christmas every year It's a wonderful time and I want to wish you all a marvelous merry christmas, spread the love and joy but don't eat everything in sight though. [...]

Renting outside the box

I'm just but a brave coward. Holding on to seem less thread lines. My mind a flurry of ideas mostly out of this world, after all I'm not of this world. So I let the mist fog up the reflection that's to true to accept !! ( I couldn't get any sleep so I decided [...]

‘Tis the season to be nosy falalala

I know it sounds bad but I just couldn't help it with that title. "So my lovey people" yeah I'm in a really good mood today 😁😁 As beautiful as Christmas is ... You can't look past the fact that it also serves up opportunities for those chair squirming moments. Aka very very intrusive, piercing [...]

I’ve got this

Life is a continuous cringe moment.... Some of the things we do in the name of trying to impress...OUCH !! Sometimes it's hilarious how we can end up embarrassing the life out of ourselves in the name of " I'VE GOT THIS" .... not even talking about the discomfort we endure just to look like [...]