The Girl

Judge me not for I too have caused harm. Once upon a love, I too played by the rules and hushed out truths Of a broken vein life, paddling my way through the teardrops storm. Promises, made to be broken someday. Is a raw reality... So I flipped a page or two in search of [...]


New roots

Free falling freedom. Feathered heart beats. Stitched up fading pain. Had to take the risk and scare the fear away !! Happy New Year guys 😘

Renting outside the box

I'm just but a brave coward. Holding on to seem less thread lines. My mind a flurry of ideas mostly out of this world, after all I'm not of this world. So I let the mist fog up the reflection that's to true to accept !! ( I couldn't get any sleep so I decided [...]

Day 64

Emotionally Dysfunctional. In not so may words this me. I cant really say it's one of my best qualities, heck no. Learning how to deal with it is somehow a challenge for me. How, where and when to start dealing with it is my current position I came to a harsh realization of how much [...]