Blacked out love

Maybe in another life, We'll make the cut for a puzzle piece. Meanwhile I'll... Sooth the night up on a pile of stapled paper hearts... As he stopped the thoughts of love on a shooting star. So what's the going rate for a couple of mistakes like you ? asked society, Reality he smugly said [...]



Synchronized souls of the lost. Never a second, too long a glance. You hate it when I stare, but vulnerable when I don't. Cold hugs, abstract love, trust me, trust you, trust life and... Fight for our right to be alive.

Poetic trust

As I stumbled through the doubt and unexpected smiles, carefully replacing the emptied out "trust bank " . Ripping out the pain one band aid at a screech...In search of my hearts location. The wind my home, I let it all go one whispered blow at a time. Make my empty husk whole again. Posts [...]