Poetic trust

As I stumbled through the doubt and unexpected smiles,

carefully replacing the emptied out “trust bank ” .

Ripping out the pain one band aid at a screech…In search of my hearts location.

The wind my home, I let it all go one whispered blow at a time.

Make my empty husk whole again.

Posts depression update:

I finally gathered the courage to deal with all the pain that destroyed me… and it’s definitely taking a toll on my not so ( emotionally ) strong heart.

Apparently the only way out is by facing it.


9 thoughts on “Poetic trust

  1. “Apparently the only way out is by facing it.”
    Yes! This is true! You fight and then earn 😊

    That’s really so nice drawing! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ Very good. You are a real artist cause all the artist create when they feel bad. They create things for themselves.. their creations are connected to souls! Nice poem as well. Keep writing! ✨✨

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