The Mystery Blogger Award

I am kinda speechless… okay not that speechless.

Another nomination !!

My word, thank you so much siddharth Banga for the nomination.

Make sure you guys check out his amazing blog



1: Display the logo award

2: Give a link to the blogger that nominated you

3: Answer the questions asked by the blogger

4: Nominate 10-20 other bloggers for the award

5: Notify them of the nomination

6:  Tell your readers 3 things about yourself

6: Ask any 5 questions to be answered by the nominated bloggers (with one funny or weird one )

Three things about me

1: I’m crazy about skateboards, I’m not an expert at it though

2:  I’m a loner

3: I sketch a lot when I’m stressed out

Questions asked 

1: If one day you had to choose between writing blogs online or getting them printed as articles on a small  news paper, what would you choose and why ? ( Readership of that newspaper company is very small )

I’d definitely go with online blogging.

See, having your work printed on papers is always subject to scrutiny and unwanted editing in the name of pleasing the readers and most of the time it ends up changing the whole angle of your article.

Online blogging is less restricting and the audience is far more open minded. Plus you’ll get exposure versus the news paper which is limiting .

2: What made you write blogs over here ( wordpress) ?

Well a friend recommended the site and so here I am.

3: Any sport you like or any other hobby you have ?

I really love football.

4: If one day you woke up and found out that you had 20,000 followers overnight what would be your reaction ?

Passing out would be the only logical reaction for me.

5: What is your dream place to live in ?


My nominees are

1 Khawaja

2: Iscriblr

3: beyoutifulinsideoutblog

4: Aphorisms

5: chasing quotes

6: herlightstaylit

7: I’m ashamed to die

8: lost kid return home

9: naming my voice

10: peek a boo

My questions are

1: What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done ?

2: What is your take on global warming ?

3: If you could have any super powers what would it be ?

4: Who is your favourite author?

5: What’s your most embarrassing moment that you can remember?


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